POC Haematology and CRP 



UNIQUE platform

FBC + CRP + Data Management

Single test for FBC and CRP in ICUs, NICUs, etc
Throughput of 15 tests per hour for FBC and CRP
Accurate CRP result up to 200 mg/L
Immuno-turbidimetric method + HCT correction
Micro-sampling - Ideal for small volumes of blood
CBC :          10μL
CBC+CRP : 18μL
Open Tube
Colour touch screen
Integrated virtual keyboard
Integrated printer
Onboard CRP reagent
Integrated Barcode Reader
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Point Of Care Diagnostics - QBC Haematology Analyser

The QBC STAR haematology analyser and the QBC Autoread Plus haematology analyser are both based around dry reagent technology and provide a 9-parameter blood count in just 7 minutes. Based on the principle of fluorescence and the quantitative buffy coat, the analysers are able to simply use one tube for blood collection and analysis, making them ideal for Point Of Care diagnostics in doctors’ surgeries, small labs, rural and remote healthcare settings.