SAMBA® HIV Diagnostics platform from Diagnostics for the Real World

The SAMBA (Simple AMplification Based Assay) system is an innovative nucleic acid-based rapid test particularly suitable for HIV diagnostics. A key feature is its ability to provide a “test and treat” facility at the point-of-care and, critically, to do so in resource-limited areas where reliable diagnosis and monitoring would otherwise be unavailable.  

SAMBA offers:

Early infant diagnosis

Acute infection diagnosis

Viral load for therapy monitoring

The SAMBA platform offers qualitative or semi-quantitative detection of analytes such as HIV RNA in plasma samples for use as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection especially in babies and in anti-retroviral therapy monitoring.

SAMBA is delivered through two discrete assay instruments: SAMBA I and SAMBA II. Both use the same chemistry but are designed to meet different operational needs.  SAMBA I is a semi-automated batch processing system for 24 – 48 samples per day.  SAMBA II uses multiple fully automated modules, each of which can process 4 samples per day.

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