ichroma™ Portable Automatic Immunoassay Analyzers from Boditech Med Inc

Since being establishment in 1998, Boditech Med Inc. has provided high quality in vitro diagnostics analyzers and reagents to customers worldwide and are currently committed to providing over 70 countries with two main products:  ichroma and hemochroma Plus. The Company's biomarkers produce a wide range of quantitative test results by using these novel portable analyzers.

ichroma is a diagnostic system using fluorescence immunoassays that quantifies analytes with high sensitivity by measuring laser-induced epi-fluorescence of test cartridges.  The system consists of fluorescence readers and test cartridges. It can be used to screen lifestyle-related diseases from cardiac diseases, cancers, diabetes, infectious diseases to hormonal disorders.  In 2012, Boditech Med successfully launched the world’s first TSH and hCG diagnostic tests using whole blood.  All ichroma tests are CE certified, and the ichroma Readers and CRP test are FDA approved.

Hemochroma Plus is a battery powered, hand-held device to measure the concentration of total hemoglobin in blood in 3 seconds from 15 µl of blood. Users may use finger-tip or venous blood without further preprocessing.  Hemochroma Plus uses dedicated micro cuvettes featuring dual ports to which a user applies samples either through capillary action or through direct volumetric pipetting.

For more information please visit http://www.boditech.co.kr/