Cellular Imaging 

The power of cellular imaging resides in its ability to measure not only fluorescence intensity changes within cells, but also proximal and temporal relationships and morphological features. Automated cellular imaging also enables measurement of multiple parameters from individual cells at significantly higher throughput than classical microscopy. This ability makes high-throughput cellular imaging an ideal platform for developing automated high-throughput assays to study host-pathogen interactions.

BD offers high-quality reagents for immunofluorescence microscopy, high-content imaging, and immunohistochemistry to address research applications in cell biology and drug discovery.                


The Scientific Group is the exclusive distributor for the entire electron microscopy sample preparation range (or Leica Nanotechnology Range).

Leica  Nanotechnology range:

  • Ultramicrotomy and Cryo - ultramicrotomy
  • Knifemakers.
  • High pressure freezing.
  • Automatic freeze substitution.
  • Sputter coating
  • Ion Beam Milling
  • Coating ,Etching, and Fracturing
  • Sample transfer
  • Tissue Processing
  • Critical Point Drying
  • Cryo CLEM
  • Contrasting