Clinical Diagnostics

We believe in partnering with our clients to provide extensive consultative approach, including lab design and layout, workflow, appropriate automation choices, continuous training, professional after sales support, and efficiency monitoring.

Life Sciences

Through our international partners, The Scientific Group offers extensive range of research products and solutions. We aim to provide a complete one-stop solution from high end Flow Cytometers and Microscopes, to low end laboratory equipment and consumables.

Point of Care

The Scientific Group wishes to provide a solution for near patient testing in primary health care facilities, such as clinics – and also for low test volume laboratories not requiring full automation.



Our African footprint extends The Scientific Group to 17 Sub-Saharan African countries and represents a strategic focus for us. We are proud of our partnerships with many ministries of Health across Africa, and will continue to grow and focus on these territories.

The Scientific Group is a Clinical Diagnostic and Life Science company with over 30 years of sales and service experience in the healthcare industry. Our primary focus is the clinical diagnostics, medical and research fields of the human sciences offering high tech equipment and associated consumables.

The founder company, South African Scientific Products, originated in 1983 and focused entirely on servicing pathology laboratories with instrumentation and consumables. The inclusion over the years of further product lines for both the science and medical market strengthened the company’s product portfolio and in 1999 the company became known as The Scientific Group (TSG).

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